Easter Outreach 2012 Event Information

This page may contain information which is considered private and should not be shared outside of this context.   Access to this list is only through this link.  A link to this webpage is not visibly listed on the website.  Please bookmark this page for future reference.

Latest Updates

Current Status of Items Still Needed

Update as of 4/6

  • All food requirements covered!  Praise be to God!!

Update as of 4/3

  • menu list updated
    • Needed:
      • 200 Sliced Cheese
      • 1 lg pan salad
      • 1 lg pan baked or chili beans
      • 40 hamburger buns
      • soft fruit

    Update as of 3/30

    • Added link to Volunteer Registration Sheet
    • Added link to Guest Registration Sheet
    • Added link to Event Ground Rules Sheet
    • Confirmed donation of 40 burger patties & buns
    • Working on donation of 40 patties
    • Updated Menu List

    Update as of 3/29

    • Added link to Menu Items List
    • Seeking full-size pickup for transportation of 7 Tables/60 Chairs to and from park - Tee
    • Working on donation of 100 pairs of socks - Ed
    • Working on donation of 10 cases of water - Ed
    • Working on donation of 100 hot dog buns - Ed
    • Confirmed donation of 30 pairs of socks
    • Confirmed donation of 40 burger patties & buns
    • Confirmed donation of 100 hot dogs *pending change to 40 burger patties

    Updates as of 3/27  

    • Meeting set for Sat, 3/31, 10AM at the park.
    • The Event Plan and Program has been updated.  
    • The Guest Ticket we will be using has been posted.  
    • All documents EXCEPT the Volunteer Registration Form and Shirt Count can be edited by anyone in this group.
    • We are in need of the following:
      • Haircutters
      • worship performers (to perform 3 songs for entertainment)
      • Tables
      • Chairs


    Event Plan and Program - updated 3/27 [link]

    Items Needed List [link]

    Menu Items List [link]

    Volunteer and Email Addresses List [link]

    Volunteer Registration Form [link]

    Easter Outreach Shirt Availability Count [link]

    Guest Ticket [PDF]  Each guest will be required to register and be issued a Guest Ticket.  During registration, their name will be printed clearly on the ticket.  The guest will need to show their ticket to receive any of the available services to one of the booth volunteers or attendants.  It is important that the volunteer or attendant address the guest by their name and try to engage in positive conversation.

    Event Ground Rules Sheet [link]

    Volunteer Registration Sheet [link]

    Guest Registration Sheet [link]

    Event Map

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