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We have completed compiling the available resources for the Multiply Movement - Disciples Making Disciples material onto a DVD.  It includes the two webcasts of the "Gatherings" done in Birmingham and in San Francisco.  The idea is simple:  encourage and equip others to carry out what Christ has commissioned us, all of us to do, go out and make disciples of all the nations.  This material is not best or only material available to equip us to follow through with Christ's command, but it can be one of the tools that can be used.  Below is an example of the webpage used on the DVD which will link to the PDFs and videos on the disc.  [The links to some of the main videos are active and will link to an on-line version of the video.  Many of the links have been disabled in this example.]

The DVD also includes useful videos from the Just Stop And Think website promoting the gospel.  If you are interested in a copy of the DVD, email me at


Following Jesus’ Command to Make Disciples



Multiply – Disciples Making Disciples


Multiply exists to awaken churches and all followers of Christ to the priority of disciple-making in the church's mission. The Great Commission applies to every Christian, and the Lord Jesus has promised to be with us in this glorious task. By the power of the Spirit, we seek to make disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples...


Multiply “Gathering” Webcasts


Francis Chan and David Platt discuss the need and our calling to spread the gospel.  The “gatherings” were held back-to-back nights, first at The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama and the second night at City Impact Rescue Mission in San Francisco.  The content is generally the same, but the “feel” is different due to the venues.  Both emphasize the call to make disciples.


Program Guide for Webcast [PDF]

Birmingham Webcast: [AVI]

San Francisco Webcast: [AVI]


Other Videos – Just Stop and Think  [link]

Just Stop and Think – featuring Francis Chan [MP4]

Is "normal" your goal? A 15 minute film that may change your life forever. The whole message of the Bible is not about this God who wants to take from you. It's about this God who wants to give to you.

Religion – featuring David Nasser [MP4]

The evidence says "Religion" isn't working. This new 17-minute film will challenge all of us who claim to be followers of God.  With the stunning Great Smoky Mountains as a backdrop, author & speaker David Nasser considers the realities of modern day religion with a paradoxical solution that will surely cause you to stop and think.


Multiply – Disciples Making Disciples Material


How to Use the Material [PDF]


FAQ – Videos

·        Don’t Be Deceived, Disciples Make Disciples [MP4]

·        Disciple Making – Fruit of Being a Christian [MP4]

·        If I Believe This Gospel [MP4]

·        Only God Can Do the Work of God [MP4]

·        Prayer, the Holy Spirit and Boldness [MP4]

·        A Word to Pastors [MP4]

·        Discipling Quick Tips and How To’s [MP4]

·        Practically-What is Disciple Making? [MP4]

·        The Story Behind Multiply [MP4]

·        What If my Church is Not Focused on Making Disciples? [MP4]


Multiply Study Material


Each study session comes with a PDF.  A video is included for background information for the discussion leader.  The complete study material is available as a PDF E-Book.


Multiply Materials E-Book, Complete [PDF]


Part 1 – Living as a Disciple Maker

            Session 1-What Is a Disciple?  [PDF][Video]

            Session 2-The Command to Make Disciples [PDF][Video]

            Session 3-The Heart of a Disciple Maker [PDF][Video]


Part 2 – Living as the Church

            Session 1-Life in the Church [PDF][Video]

            Session 2-The Local Church [PDF][Video]

            Session 3-The Global Church [PDF][Video]


Part 3 – How to Study the Bible

            Session 1- Why Study the Bible? [PDF][Video]

            Session 2-Studying the Bible Prayerfully and Obediently [PDF][Video]

            Session 3-Studying Logically [PDF][Video]


Part 4 – Understanding the Old Testament

            Session 1-Creation [PDF][Video]

            Session 2-The Fall [PDF][Video]

            Session 3- God’s Covenant with Abraham [PDF][Video]

            Session 4- Exodus and Redemption [PDF][Video]

            Session 5- God’s Covenant with Moses [PDF][Video]

            Session 6-Sacrifice and Atonement [PDF][Video]

            Session 7-God’s Presence on Earth [PDF][Video]

            Session 8-The Kingdom of God [PDF][Video]

            Session 9-Exile and the Promise of Restoration [PDF][Video]


Part 5 – Understanding the New Testament

            Session 1-Jesus the Messiah [PDF][Video]

            Session 2-The Great Commission [PDF][Video]

            Session 3- The Spirit of God [PDF][Video]

            Session 4- The Early Church [PDF][Video]

            Session 5- Good News for All Nations [PDF][Video]

            Session 6-The End of the Story [PDF][Video]