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RESULTS: CWW 2016 Community Outreaches


December 11, 2016 ~ Homeless Christmas   Outreach
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48 - Souls Prayed For
 24 - Souls Responded to the Gospel
 148 - Guest/Neighbors
 102 - Volunteers
 30 - Grocery bags distributed
 16+ - Bags of clothing and shoes distributed to adults and children.
 150 - Care Packages distributed
 73 - Children bless with a toy (to include children who were not present as well).
 53 - Raffle Prizes raffled off that included Big Items Toys, Wood Bassinet, Sleeping Bags, Blankets, Tents, Scarves and Gift Cards)
 2 - Grand Prize Bicycles (Adult and Child) Raffled Off

November 12, 2016 ~ No Turkey Here Homeless   Thanksgiving Outreach
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28 Souls Prayed Over
 5 Souls Responded to the Gospel
 97 Guest
 116 Volunteers
 35 haircuts
 34 grocery bags
 30 Received HIV Testing & SWC Dental Referrals Distributed.
 58 bags of clothing, shoes, kids items and bedding were distributed.
 101 care packages
 8 foot washes
 40 Raffle Prizes Given Away (included Tents, Sleeping Bags, Tarp, Blankets and Gift Cards)
 1 Grand Prize~Mountain Bike/Helmet and Lock

March 13-19, 2016 ~ Homeless Easter Outreach Mission
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1 - Neighbor was a match on the HN (Housing Navigation) list for housing on Wednesday evening's outreach w/the SD Dream Center. Ms. Hendrix is now in housing...praise the Lord!
 16 - Responded to the Gospel.
 661 - Souls ministered the gospel, seeds planted and prayed upon.
 200 - Neighbors given referrals for homeless resources.
 176 - Volunteers
 771 - Care Packages Distributed
 160 - Bags of clothing/Undergarments/Bedding/Bathing/Shoes were distributed.
 246 - Received Meals
 32 - Hair Cuts, Beard Trims, Eyebrows and Makeover
 40 - Diabetes footwear were given away
 43 - Neighbors Received Medical & Referrals at (Saturday's Community Outreach)
 7 - Resumes were created along with referral to the Department of Rehabilitation, Mental Health Services, Senior Employment, Youth Employment programs and Workforce Partnership Program.
 16 - Foot-Washing
 20 - Grocery Bags Distributed
 32 - Raffle Prizes Given Away (included Tents, Sleeping Bags, Tarp, Outside Mat and large cooler containers).
 2 - Mountain Bikes were raffled off as our Grand Prize!

2014 Easter Outreach Results

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Christ was preached and God was glorified!  There was an amazing amount of volunteers who came out to serve our homeless neighbors and those in need.  God used the gospel visually and verbally to touch hearts as we as one body made of many parts came together to spread the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Here is what the Lord did, to GOD be all the GLORY!

16 Responded to the Gospel

7 Accepted Christ for the first time, Praise the Lord!

71 Received Prayers

105 Guest Registered

341 Volunteers

41 Referrals Passed Out w/Coalition Churches

450 Received Meals

Resources # 2-Clothing: Over 1,647 Items of Clothing, Socks, Undergarments and Shoes were distributed.

Resources #1 Care Packages, Can Food, Sleeping Bags: 191

37 Hair Cuts

25 Foot Washes

49 Children were loved on.

300 Food items distributed through Mikey's Feed the People

Information and Service Booths:

8 Dental


51 Serviced through SYHC Outreach

20 Serviced through Teen Challenge

50 Serviced through SWC Oral & Hygiene

45 Celebrate Recovery-Ocean View

Volunteers are the backbone of nonprofit organizations and each & every one of you dedicated your time and energy to make a difference in our city serving our homeless neighbors and those in need who were in attendance on May 3rd.  Thank-you very much to ALL of God’s churches, ministries and Christ centered organizations for your donations, participation, prayers and volunteers service as we (SBCOC) was very blessed to have each of you as a part of this year’s Easter Outreach.  You did an awesome job at your booths greeting our neighbors with smiles and compassion reflecting the love of Christ.  It was a privilege to have met most of you and most of all serving together as the CHURCH...ONE BODY IN CHRIST.  You truly made a difference in the lives that you came in passing with as I heard some great stories to include prayers, praise report and even a miraculous sprang ankle (prayer of healing by Pastor Ryan)! 


Special thanks to Pastor Baize, First Lady Pat and all of OCV staff for their extraordinary support allowing us to host this year's outreach on their property.  They provided a wide variety of their services to include electricity, water, gym, white tent, cafeteria along w/all their cooking equipment, sound system, hand held walky talkys, tables, chairs and countless of supplies.  We had the pleasure of working alongside Pastor Baize & his wife Pat, Deidra, Veronica, Frank, Ivy and Chris w/Sounds System are just a few to mention, your generosity and responses to assist was amazing and a HUGE blessing...THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  

2013 Christmas In The Park Outreach

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A BIG thank you to ALL who helped with our outreach this past Saturday! We couldn't have done it without you. Everything went so well and we are so thankful for each and every one of you and how you played a huge part in bringing Christmas but most important pervasive hope to our homeless neighbors and our community. 

This year we were blessed with over 150 Christmas cards written by children which included a monetary gift.  We formed 4 teams of 1 Adult to 4 children and they addressed our neighbors by name and had an actual conversation with them before presenting their cards.  One neighbor stated "I haven't seen my child in over 20 years but I remember her writing was some what like this one".  Also, we had a donation of 36 beautiful bucket pale baskets filled with hygiene products and goodies that were given as gifts to our core homeless neighbors that attend every Saturday not only for their meal but for WORSHIP and the WORD of GOD as well, Praise the Lord!  

The out pour in donations of food, beverage, clothing, shoes, bedding items, raffle prizes to include a beautiful bicycle w/a helmet, many sleeping bags, tents, knitting scarves and hats w/hygiene, toilette and even toys for the children who showed up with their families. 

This is What GOD DID! *Praise the Lord*

    101 Volunteers
    138 Neighbors/Guest
    20   People responded to the Gospel
    400+ Clothing/Undergarments/Bedding items passed out
    San Ysidro Health Care-Dental Clinic provided their services.
    Chula Vista Church of Christ provided clothing and Bibles
Services/Donations and ALL was provided by the BODY of CHRIST from different churches coming together to serve our community and reach out to the lost and broken with the Gospel and Love of Jesus Christ.

The support from so many continues to make our outreaches a huge success...THANK YOU Rock Church, East Lake Church, Grace Full Gospel Ministry-South Bay, South Bay Christian Outreach Coalition (I.C.C., Gives Hope Ministry, Chula Vista Church of Christ, Sons of Thunder & Light House), Good Samaritan Worship Center-S.D, Grace Full Gospel Ministry-Oceanside and Pastor Mark along with many that I may not be aware of.

Thank you for making an eternal impact in the lives of many in the South Bay.  Merry Christmas to you and your families!

Thanksgiving 2013 Outreach

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God was glorified! Thank you all for participating. There were an amazing amount of volunteers who came out to serve our Community which many of the attendees/guest were our homeless neighbors, less fortunate and/or someone who may be having a difficult time through today's economy. God used the Gospel visually and verbally to touch hearts as we as one body made of many parts came together to spread the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ. Much thanks and we pray that you will bless us once again with your presence at our Christmas in the Park Outreach December 21, 2013.

Here is what the Lord did!

57- Volunteers 228 (Hours serving our community)
70- Guest (Received Blessings throughout the day)
4- Altar Call (People who we know of that walked up to Altar Call and received Christ into their hearts…TY JESUS, this is our ultimate purpose and mission).
77- Care Packages Distributed
160- Est. (3 Each) Clothing items including blankets.


Shining God's Light

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We have felt the darkness of sin come over our nation with the recent tragic events on both sides of our country.  We mourn and pray for the peace and comfort through Christ will come to those who lost a loved one.  For us who call ourselves Christ-followers, our commission from Christ to make disciples who make disciples could not be more important or of more urgency.  Our society and culture have pushed God out of our schools, government and businesses.  The solution starts with us, sharing the gospel of Christ, one heart at a time.  Today, work building God's kingdom, here and now, was done with joy.  

Over one hundred of our neighbors in need came to our Christmas In The Park outreach event at
Eucalyptus Park.  God's preparation was an overwhelming response of families of volunteers, parents, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends.  The buffet of the Lord's Table included, 60 hamburgers donated by Halphen Red Burgers, roast turkey, ham, delicious side dishes, wonderful home-baked cookies, cupcakes, pies, and fresh fruit.  A large supply of material resources such as clothes, socks and shoes was available.  Our raffle for our guests and neighbors included toys for the children, blankets, sleeping bags, tents and the grand prizes of 3 bicycles, all donated by our generous volunteers.  

And as fantastic as all the physical blessings were, the Lord provided our outreach event with talented musicians from the Nazarene Church and the Aspeytia family to share praise and worship. Our Church Without Walls-Chula Vista pastor from Set Free Ministries, Donny Burroughs gave the message of repentance and salvation.  Many of our children from the ministry performed various Christ-honoring performances to entertain the crowd.  God's love could been seen and felt throughout the event.  Two of our neighbors made the decision to accept God's grace and asked Christ to be the Lord and King of their life.  They took the next step to go into the East County Transitional Living Center program.  God continues to bless our ministry and our Church Without Walls Outreach.  Praise Father God for the gift of sending His son Jesus and the opportunity for us to share His gospel.

Doubling the Blessings!

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With the recent launch of Church Without Walls - Spring Valley by our ministry partners, the Warriors4Christ Community Group from the Rock Church, we combined our outreach to include our neighbors from the Spring Valley outreach area with our event at Eucalyptus Park.  It truly was a table of Thanksgiving with the amount and variety of donated food, the feature item being BBQ'd marinated Tri-tip.  We are blessed to serve 50 of our neighbors in need with an abundance of food, blankets and clothing.  And as great as all the donations we had to offer, it is always the spiritual feeding that brings the greatest nourishment.  Praise and worship in songs and in dance performed by our youth was enjoyed by everyone.  A message of repentance and salvation was preached, followed up with fellowship, encouragement and prayers.

A Blessed Union

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God continues to bless our ministry and those who serve in it.  Sharing Christ impacts lives and for Pastor Donnie and Bernie, a blessed union was made by the grace and mercy of God.  Our Church Without Walls had it first wedding in the park where we serve.  The guest list included family, friends and our neighbors who attend our ministry.  The ceremony was presided by Pastor Mark who leads the newly formed CWW in Spring Valley.  It was truly a joyous occasion for all who attended.

Video - Church Without Walls

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Thanks to Sister Tee for creating an awesome video of what God is doing the the South Bay!  

2012 Easter Outreach Results

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Christ was preached and God was glorified! There was an amazing amount of volunteers who came out to serve our community, our neighbors and the less fortunate. With servant hearts, we as one body, made of many parts came together to spread the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here is what the Lord did!

135 - Volunteered
111 - Guest Registered
  47 - Received Prayer
   2 - Souls Saved
   1 - Soul rededicated to Christ
  15 - Were Directed to The Vine Christian Church to for a Home Base Church.
246 - People was Shared the Gospel
140 - Received Meals
  44 - Hair Cuts
  28 - Foot Washes & 22 Received Socks Only
+15 - Massages

Resources Distributed: *274 Shirts, *14 Jackets, *125 Pants, *68 Blankets, *32 Undergarments, *120 Socks, *9 Sleeping Bags, *1 Fold Up Tent, *14 Towels and 12 Shoes and *178 Care Packages 

Children of our community and of many families who volunteered were able to serve as their children were loved on in the Children's Ministry provided by The Vine Christian Church! The Word of God, along with a Jumper, Face Painting, and a drawing for a new bicycle were provided for the children.

*Praise Report: Grace, who is a sister in Christ and attends CWW on Saturdays was blessed by a group of saints in the “Prayer Booth” who came together to provide a past due payment for her storage. She said they are the only things she has left being with out a job for 4 months now and struggling to keep her vehicle operating just in case she is called for an interview. She’s seeking a home base Church other than CWW. She has attended Cornerstone Church and the Rock Church since the Outreach. The only name we were able to obtain from her as 1 of the saints that blessed her was Gerald...thanks again and to GOD be the GLORY!

Easter Outreach 2012 - Amazing Love!

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Truly, the body of Christ came out to serve this Easter weekend.  Approximately 150 volunteers from 11 sponsoring organizations participated in serving 140 of our guests that attended the event, many of whom are struggling through economic hardship as well many who are our homeless neighbors within our community.  The various services offered by our grass-roots effort were free medical and dental screenings by instructor-led students from U.E.I. of Chula Vista, free haircuts and make-overs, free massages, free foot washing with a free pair of socks, free care packages, and access to free used clothing and canned goods.  A fresh, hot meal of hamburgers, hot dogs, corn dogs, salads, beans and various desserts was provided by generous donations.  The Vine Christian Church of Linda Vista provided a full children's ministry with arts and crafts, face painting and a jumper.  They also raffled off a brand new bike for one lucky child.  

Although the free services and food addressed the needs of the physical body, it was the Easter sermon provided by Pastor Oscar, Sr. Pastor of the Vine, which nourished our souls.  Praise and worship was provided by various worship teams including Pastor Sola and members of Nazarene Church, children from Gives Hope Ministry, youth from the Warriors4Christ, and Charles and his son Julian from the Rock Church.  Also from the Rock, the Island Praise dance troupe performed worship in the form of graceful hula.  A Prayer booth was also avaiable for those seeking prayer.  Pastor Donny, our regular Church Without Walls pastor, closed out our effort with a moving, Holy Spirit led call to the alter.

We recognize the success of this Easter outreach event was all due to the provisions of Father God and all for His glory.  We were blessed by the opportunity to serve and rewarded by the joy each us of felt in sharing God's love with others, especially those in need.  The leadership team would like to thank all those who served in the food service area, the foot washing booth, the hair cutting booth, the resource booths, the registration booth and the prayer booth.  Everything which was given away to those in need was provided by the generosity of all who donated.  When the leaders prayed to Father God for provision, you answered the call, again, thank you.

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