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2012 Easter Outreach Results

posted May 13, 2012, 9:09 PM by Web Admin
Christ was preached and God was glorified! There was an amazing amount of volunteers who came out to serve our community, our neighbors and the less fortunate. With servant hearts, we as one body, made of many parts came together to spread the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here is what the Lord did!

135 - Volunteered
111 - Guest Registered
  47 - Received Prayer
   2 - Souls Saved
   1 - Soul rededicated to Christ
  15 - Were Directed to The Vine Christian Church to for a Home Base Church.
246 - People was Shared the Gospel
140 - Received Meals
  44 - Hair Cuts
  28 - Foot Washes & 22 Received Socks Only
+15 - Massages

Resources Distributed: *274 Shirts, *14 Jackets, *125 Pants, *68 Blankets, *32 Undergarments, *120 Socks, *9 Sleeping Bags, *1 Fold Up Tent, *14 Towels and 12 Shoes and *178 Care Packages 

Children of our community and of many families who volunteered were able to serve as their children were loved on in the Children's Ministry provided by The Vine Christian Church! The Word of God, along with a Jumper, Face Painting, and a drawing for a new bicycle were provided for the children.

*Praise Report: Grace, who is a sister in Christ and attends CWW on Saturdays was blessed by a group of saints in the “Prayer Booth” who came together to provide a past due payment for her storage. She said they are the only things she has left being with out a job for 4 months now and struggling to keep her vehicle operating just in case she is called for an interview. She’s seeking a home base Church other than CWW. She has attended Cornerstone Church and the Rock Church since the Outreach. The only name we were able to obtain from her as 1 of the saints that blessed her was Gerald...thanks again and to GOD be the GLORY!