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End of Summer Celebration!

posted Aug 29, 2011, 11:49 AM by Web Admin
This past Saturday, our ministry hosted an End of Summer Celebration & BBQ.  Praise God for the two large trees which provided the shade from a very warm day.  Word was put out on the street by Bro. Johny A who passed out flyers for the two weeks prior on his bicycle all around Chula Vista.  We were blessed by such a large turn out of 58 men, women and children!  Praise and worship was led by some of the youth group of the Kawitenos of Southern California (KSC) association.  Officers and members of KSC donated much of the food - hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, chips, drinks and watermelon.  And equally important, they donated their time to serve.  The Warriors 4 Christ small group from the Rock Church donated delicious marinated chicken which was expertly cooked by Bro. Jake who manned the grill all morning.  Everyone was able to enjoy seconds, and even third servings from the bounty of the Lord's table.

Although the food filled our bellies and the message filled our souls, it was the games, raffle and fellowship which helped make for a great time.  Game Master Daphne, garnered participation from our neighbors and volunteers to work together in the various games for prizes.  We also raffled off sleeping bags, battery lanterns and tarps thanks to the generous donations from the members of Eastlake Church, along with the Warriors 4 Christ make up the core of Gives Hope ministry.  

Jake & Jeremiah performing Peanut Butter & Jelly song

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